Monday, 16 May 2011

Clicky da linky!

I've been wanting to post several links to things I found particularly awesome recently, but wanted to add pics and embed videos, too. Unfortunately, Blogger broke down and I couldn't even reach my blog, let alone add links. Not that anyone was missing me, right?

Anyhoo, and without further ado (and I don't care how old some of these may be, they're still awesome!):

By now you should have heard of Sith Girl. If you haven't, check her out, she's AWESOME. The Dark Side didn't even have to bribe her with cookies.

Some amazing (no, I'm not even kidding) FIREFLY tattoos. Oh, man. The more I think about my latest tattoo design, the more inspired I am by things I see around me! Like these. The first one is my absolute fave, but they all have something special goin' on. Now how am I going to work Serenity into my spaceship collage? I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE ON MY BACK, is what I'm sayin'.

I ordered my own inner unicorn. Because why wouldn't I? You should, too. Support independent artists!

I also bought some Marian Call, and some Molly Lewis. Trust me, it's worth it.

Finally, I want this shirt. I NEED me some Firefly. It's a burnin' yearnin'. (And thus, enough with the apostrophe endings.)

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