Friday, 30 December 2011

Colour me wonderful

We're a long way away from doing it, but somewhere on the list of home renovations is a redo of the kitchen. I haven't yet pinned down exactly what i want to do, but at this point it sort of hinges on concrete, stainless steel and wooden drawers - sort of like the pic below.

Hmm. Not completely sterile, as it would be with glossy white cabinets and tiles, but a little boring nonetheless.

Okay, so how about some colour?

I love this - so cheery! MadCat thinks it looks like a painter's tray, however.

Too much?

MadCat likes all the steel, but I'm not a big fan of open shelving - too much potential for dust collection.

I think the backsplash looks like a Lego set. MadCat thinks it'll bring on a seizure.

Just kidding! MadCat says it looks like a doll's house, and I agree!

I really, REALLY like this one. Guess who doesn't?

This one's pretty stylish, and MadCat likes it, but imagine all the fingerprints on those glossy doors?

Now this one screams 'me!' - too bright for some, though.

I thought this one might work - green for me, blue for him, white as a compromise - but no. Too mixy. 

We both liked this matt red, though. That's a starting point.

And the dark grey, bright orange and wooden drawers worked for both of us. Good. Maybe that's the way we'll go?

Well, still months before we can even consider renovating the kitchen. But it doesn't hurt to look around at pretty pics as inspiration!

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