Sunday, 15 January 2012

Getting there

Had my first meeting of 2012 with my tattoo artist, Ryan 'Busta' Bolton at Golden Tiki in Linden. Contrary to what I expected, he isn't creating a specific image from which to work. Rather, he printed out the images I'd sent that he thought conveyed the best sense of motion for each ship,  then suggested a completely different layout for my Stargates (essentially, we will be focusing on only a quarter of each gate, to allow for greater detail in terms of the chevrons on each, rather than a whole, but small, gate with little to no detail).

The gates will now be positioned at the top right and bottom left of my back, with the other ships creating a sort of S between them. And I'm taking out the Whitestar, which was only in there for MadCat's benefit, since I've never watched Babylon 5 in my life - not even one episode.

My first session will be on 11 February ... another month to wait, but hot diggitty damn! I finally have a sense of expectation and not merely longing!

Busta says he'll be doing the full linework first, and then colouring in as we go along ... not quite what I was expecting, as I didn't think it would be possible to do the full outline in one session, but he seems to think it can be done so yay!

I'm actually thinking - now that I know which pics he wants to use - that I can create the image myself via Photoshop. Wonder if it'll work ...

MadCat also spoke to him about his UN-Spacey symbol, and I think it's going to look awesome!

Eeee, now I REALLY have something to be excited about - it's coming! FINALLY!

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