Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bring the pain part 2: Serenity matters

Serenity gets her hyperdrive
Time to have Serenity completed, ahead of the photoshoot MadCat and I will be having in April (from the voucher we won via Bellydiva's dancer performance). Ryan insisted that the ship had to be completed before then, and I couldn't have agreed more. Serenity's really the most important part of this piece - if I have nothing else, I'll have her.

But oh my word, the agony. I couldn't make it to three hours this time; I barely withstood an hour and a half of inking time. Every touch of the needle was a burning fiery hell. I moaned and whimpered and swore and groaned my way through this session; thank goodness for loud punk rock!

Flames on the hyperdrive
Somehow I managed to read most of my JD Robb book - thank goodness she's so distracting - but I had to close the book by the last half hour. In fact, I actually bent it almost in half - and it's a hardcover. MadCat tried to find things for me to bite down on; in the end I ripped the covers off his notebook and clamped that between my jaws, dug holes in my arms and bruised my elbow and knees clinging to the stool.

I don't know why it was so painful this time - maybe because it's right over the muscle. That really doesn't bode well for the Stargate, which is on the opposite shoulder. Ryan eventually moved to the 'open' side of Serenity, where he hadn't been working before, and it was like hot needles pushed under nails. Good lord.

Hyperdrive engaged
Well, it's supposed to be no pain, no gain, but I don't know if I can do this on a regular basis. Maybe I should just tell Ryan we'll do more frequent short sessions than more widely-spaced longer ones. Because I honestly can't go through that for an extended period of time.

Still, take a look at the final product -w ell, not completely final, the shading of the galaxy is nowhere near complete - and see what kind of magnificence he hath wrought. Apparently he was nervous as hell the first time, before I arrived. Honestly, he's outdone himself. Kelektra was so impressed she wants to fly him over to Canada!

It's brilliant. It's beautiful. It's worth all the agony.

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