Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Via dcwomenkickingass

Via dcwomenkickingass:
I’ve just learned the Renae De Liz, the mastermind behind the wonderful Womanthology project, is very ill and in the hospital. You can read the details here. As happens with many freelance artists she and her family do not have insurance.
If you have time to send Renae good wishes they will…
Please read, and if you can, wish Renae well. She did one of the most amazing things to happen to comics in a decade, with many skeptics and doubters and detractors, and she held that dream and succeeded beyond anyone’s imagination. For that alone, she’d be a hero of mine. But she is also a lovely person and a gifted artist. She lit a candle instead of cursing he darkness. Hell, she lit a bonfire. Get well, lady.

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